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Ultimate Theme Customization

Ultimate Theme Customization

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Price: $1,899.00


Our Ultimate Theme Customization service will be built into a 3dcart theme to provide a branded look that is unique to your company, while maintaining 3dcart's functionality, built-in SEO features and ecommerce industry best practices.

The top of the line theme customization service is the perfect alternative to a custom design. In addition to all the premium features in our Signature service, clients can also get a composition to review and approve the new look of their website before it goes live.


This service does not include any customization to 3dcart's features, changes to layout already defined by the 3dcart's Theme, or changes to the existing image elements within the selected.

What's included

  • Theme Selection. If a 3dcart Premium Theme has not been selected, our project managers will assist on the selection of a CORE PREMIUM theme that effectively showcases your company and promotes your products.
  • Dedicated Project Manager. Your project will be assigned to a dedicated project manager to be your single point of contact and coordinate all of the milestones of the design process.
  • Customization Questionnaire. One of our project managers will review with you a streamlined questionnaire to collect the details that will allow us to change the 3dcart Theme to a unique design that reflects your company identity.
  • Theme Design. Based on the input from the questionnaire, our team of designers will apply the changes to the selected template. This includes colors, background, and fonts to compliment your store name or logo, and brand reference.
  • Home Page Carousel Banner Design. Our designers can create three (3) banners that will rotate through a home page carousel on your website. The Banners could have information about your company, products, or feature top selling products that will link directly to the product page. This is a great way to run promotions, feature best selling products, or show off your company.
  • Promotional Banner Design. Our designers will create banners that will replace all default banner sections on the home page your 3dcart premium theme. The Banners could have information about your company, products, or feature top selling products that will link directly to the product page. This is a great way to run promotions, feature best selling products, or show off your company.
  • Dropdown Navigation Menu (if not available). A dynamic drop down menu will allow you to offer many sub categories for products and provide customers with an efficient, clean navigation system. Best of all, because its dynamic, it will update automatically when you make additions or changes.
  • Social Media Links Setup. Linking to social media sites for your business is important for both SEO and brand trust. We will link to your social media accounts from the website directly giving easy access to your clients.
  • Sticky Header. When navigating a typical website, the header will gradually move out of view when scrolling down the page. With the Sticky Header, you can ensure that your navigation remains visible at all times. This Design Feature will lock your header into a fixed position and allow it to remain at the top of your browser window even when scrolling.
  • Page Transitions. Catch the attention of your customers with beautiful page transitions/animation of your products and promotional banners.
  • Pre-approval composition and 1 round of revisions. A mockup of the design will be provided for your review prior to development. Clients will receive 1 round of revisions to the mockup. Please note, layout changes are not included in this service.

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    "I’ve worked with 3dcart designers for 2 websites and I am very happy with both! The graphics and flow of the site turned out fantastic!"

    "3dcart’s web designers turned our vision into reality on the first time around! Very pleased overall with design, price, and quick turnaround."

    "The best ecommerce website design service ever. I just explain what and how I want the site to look like, they nailed it!"

    Estimated Timeline

    • Estimated Kickoff Call Date: 3 - 5 Days after receipt of signed agreement
    • Estimated Completion Date: 4 - 5 weeks after Kickoff Call
    • Above dates are best estimate only. Timelines not guaranteed
    • Project dates dependent on receiving timely information and feedback.

    NOTE: All projects are entered onto schedule after receipt of payment. Projects are assigned on first come / first serve basis.

    Please note, any cancellations after 30 days are non-refundable. After first contact with the Project Manager, cancellations can receive 50% of the total amount of the project as credit towards the 3dcart account (if within 30 days of purchase).

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