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HTML Edit to Checkout Page

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HTML Edit to Checkout Page

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Need to make a single change to your checkout page but not savvy with HTML? Save yourself the headache of a potential mess-up by having a webmaster make the necessary edit. This service is restricted to a single HTML specific edit and does not include scripts, images or jquery.

What can be changed,
  • Adding text messages to the page.
  • Renaming text labels, for example "State" for "Province".
  • Adding Checkout Questions.
  • Adjusting the styles or dimensions of text and html fields.
  • Displaying all shipping methods at once.
What can NOT be changed,
  • Removing Billing or Shipping address fields.
  • Modifying the sequence or flow of the checkout steps.
  • Changing the calculations or logic of the process.
  • Creating additional fees different than Subtotal, Shipping, Tax and Discounts.
  • Altering the order of the shipping methods or payment methods.

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